Greg Wythe | Director

Greg Wythe has volunteered and worked to ensure that apartment voters are included in the political process since 1990. These efforts took on renewed importance in 2002, with the creation of legislative districts that contained a majority of apartment residents and voters.

Since 2012, this has become a critical element of Gene Wu’s successful campaigns for State Representative. Greg took charge of an apartment-focused field program in a legislative district where over 70% of its residents live in apartments. This program has evolved from previous legislators such as Scott Hochberg and Paul Colbert in Houston’s southwest area. Greg has also mentored grassroots efforts that helped Lizzie Fletcher win Harris County’s 7th Congressional District in 2018 against longtime incumbent John Culberson.

Voter participation among Houston’s apartment residents is a unique area of opportunity when the goal is to expand an electorate to include a more diverse and younger electorate. These voters are among the most difficult to reach with traditional campaign techniques, yet one in five registered voters in Houston is an apartment resident.

Greg’s professional political experience has focused heavily on communications and other campaign activities. Over the years, his resume has grown to include campaign efforts on behalf of the following campaigns:

  • Sandra Rodriguez (Houston City Council)
  • Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca (Houston Independent School District)
  • Gene Wu (Texas State Representative)
  • Bill White (Texas Governor)
  • Adrian Garcia (Harris County Sheriff)
  • Nick Lampson (U.S. Congress)
  • Martin Siegel (Texas Court of Appeals)
  • Jim Yarbrough (Galveston County Judge)
  • Fanniece Hawkins (Beaumont Mayor)
  • Neeta Sane (Fort Bend County Treasurer)
  • Yaphett El-Amin (Missouri State Senate)
  • Borris Miles (Texas State Representative)
  • Sherrie Matula (Texas State Representative)
  • Ashish Mahendru (Texas District Judge)
  • Trey Dibrell (Texas District Judge)